Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Projects

From simple beams and repairs to complex structures and retaining walls, we create safe designs that are practical and cost effective to build. We are licensed Professional Engineers with over 17 years of experience in designing structures and solving structural problems.

Simple Beam Designs for Repairs, Renovations, Additions and New Construction

Our beam design services span from simple bearing wall replacement to complicated structures that eliminate multiple bearing walls and columns. We perform field inspections for existing structures, and plan takeoffs to ensure beams are designed safely and cost effectively for the specific application.

Our most common beam applications include:

  • Removal of Bearing Walls
  • Repair of Sagging Structures
  • Basement and Garage Column Removal

Advanced Structural Design Services

Complex Beam Applications
Structures and Buildings
Rooftop HVAC Structural Design
Structural Steel Fabrication Drawings

Inspections and Evaluations

We perform inspections and evaluations to characterize and correct structural deficiencies in all types of buildings. Typical problems that we encounter include:

  • Cracking Walls and Ceilings
  • Sagging Floors and Roofs
  • Cracking, Settling, or Collapsing Foundations


Structural Repairs and Retrofits

We specialize in creating cost effective, safe and efficient repairs to your structural problems. We have experience with many types of repair strategies including:

  • Wood, Steel, and Engineered Beams to Strengthen Weak Structures
  • Concrete Underpinned Footings
  • Helical Piles for Poor Soil or Difficult Site Conditions

From a simple report to detailed construction drawings we can provide detailed repair specifications. We will work directly with the contractor to review any special materials and techniques required to implement the repair.

Retaining Wall Design

SEAS Designs offers engineering, site plans and construction drawings for retaining wall systems, including:

  • Segmental Block - Gravity and GeoGrid-Reinforced
  • Steel-Reinforced Poured Concrete

Contractor and Owner Support and Project QA

We provide beginning to end support to ensure projects are completed correctly. We will provide:

  • Technical Support for the Contractor
  • Job Progress Inspections
  • Quality Assurance of Critical Design Aspects

Our policy is to inspect all repair work at critical stages of construction to ensure a safe and sound repair.